Monday, 14 December 2015

The four photo editing apps you need in your life! x


We all have our photo editing apps, and I think we always wonder what everyone else uses, so I'm gonna share mine with you. I currently have four photo editing apps downloaded and ready for use, but I only really use two.  SO here are the four apps I use! x


1| My absolute favourite is VSCO Cam, I use this all the time and find it so easy to use, plus it's free! I mainly use the filters C1, F2, G3 and M5, obviously depending on my photo and the look I'm going for. You can the change the intensity of the filter and make even more adjustments to things like the exposure and contrast. Or you can edit your pic from scratch and forgo using one of the pre made filters. 

2| The one I use second most is Looksee, this is also a free app, but you can buy filter packages made by various creators for like $1.49 or so. I love Lauryn Evart's (AKA The Skinny Confidential) filter package, it's really subtle and just adds a nice glow or shine to your photos. The free ones are pretty cool too and there is defiantly a good range of the free ones if you don't want to spend any money. 

3| Whitagram is a really handy app. It's great for resizing photos, giving them a border and all those neat little tricks. I don't really use this one often, I mainly go to it when a photo won't fit on insta, but it's useful to have, and it is also free (I like free apps). 

4| I'm sure you've never heard of this app, it's called Afterlight, only the hipsters know about it (lol). This one is usually 99c but apparently it is now free through the Apple Store App, you can then purchase additional packages. I don't really use Afterlight very much anymore. It used to be my go to app, but then I got VSCO Cam, but it's still really good, even if I only really use it as a backup these days. 


Most of my photos are either taken with my little digital canon or my iPhone 5S, but I always edit my photos on my phone as it's easy and creates pretty images. 
What apps do you use? xx

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