Friday, 11 December 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas | Blogmas Day Eleven

Aren't I clever and original, using the lyrics of a popular christmas song as my blog title. 
Today's post is a little different to my usual ones, today I'm just gonna chat to you about my week. It hasn't been a particularly busy week but I'm really starting to feel 2016 approaching fast.
I dunno there have just been a couple of little things that make me think, where the Heck did 2015 go? Like who took 2015, I want it back! sorta lol. 

So this week I put up my Christmas Tree. I love my decorations but my tree is kinda small and quite old, so he looks a little sparse in the leaf department, but I pulled him out anyway. 

It was also the last of a few things for the year, like my small group. We had a bbq at the gorge (where most of the photos were taken) which was so much fun. We had perfect weather and some of us played soccer. I've got a narly as bruise on my foot from the game. It was really funny cause when playing my bro was all like 'oh man up' and then I showed him the bruise today and he was all like 'oh shit, you weren't exaggerating,' and I'm like 'I know right!'

It was also the last week at the youth group I help out at, so for it we had a pretty rad water fight, played some t-bal and ate some sausages and cake (although not at the same time)

I've also started looking at university classes for next year, enrolment is so confusing guys, I think this is where they actually weed out who isn't equipped for uni haha. I'm doing a bachelor or arts and a bachelor of business starting next year and it will take four years. There are so many interesting sounding classes I'm not sure what to take haha. 

This is completely off topic as well, but like three of our neighbours goats, like got into our garden so I had to shepherd them real awkwardly into our paddock (they'll find their way home from there), I think I made some new friends. Like they legit seemed to like me. So that's my random story for the week haha...

Anything weird happen to you this week? Any strange goat situations or severely bruised feet? I can't be the only one to experience this this week haha lol!! Quick question, who has more swag, the goats, the peacock or us? (don't wanna sound arrogant, but I'm really kinda proud of my check bones in this photo haha lol) Love ya! xx

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