About Me

So thats me, my name is Rachael. I'm a 20 year old who just spent the last two years avoiding university but will be finally attending this year. I will be doing a bachelor of business and a bachelor of arts at UTAS and I am both dreading and thrilled to be attending university.
This blog has been a way for me to stay creative over the last two years and add a little fun to my week. Here I am able to share my passion for writing with my love of taking pictures of pretty things, travel and baking.
Last year (2015) I spent six months in Europe, most of this time was spent at a little village pub in Oxford, but I also went to other cool places like France, Italy and Scotland.
So yeah, I am much more than that little description, but thats a little into...

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  1. I like your blog and gave you a follow :)
    Mine is leahbyyrne.blogspot.com if you'd like to check out mine xx