Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Falling in Love with Rome...

The Trevi Fountain- currently under construction

The free part of the Vatican 

Vatican City 

Random Beautiful Street no. 287 

Cafe Ginger

Orange Juice at Cafe Ginger

Spaghetti at Cafe Ginger 

Cafe Giolitti

Pomegranate, Raspberry and Nutella Gelato

Laduree, Rome 

 Laduree Macarons

Some random old building called the Colosseum 

The Colosseum, obvs 

Roman Forum

Roman Forum 

City View from Roman Forum 

View of Roman Forum and Arc of Constantine from Colosseum

The Spanish Steps

Rome is a really exciting city to be in and one that I had been to once before when I was eight. As I walked throughout the narrow, cobbled streets bits of memory would come back to me or I would feel a vague sense of familiarity, and all of this just made it all the more exciting. 

It was hard to not fall in love with Rome's rich history and culture that makes up the foundations of this famous city. There seems to be an ancient statue or temple around every twisted corner or at the end of every street. It makes it difficult to know where to begin. 

We started with the Trevi fountain, currently under construction, but still impressive to behold and located in the middle of a beautiful network of narrow streets. Then it was on to the Vatican with its towering pillars, numerous statues and impressive fresco's, not to mention all the traditions that make the Vatican what it is. The next morning was spent walking around the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, imaging what it would've been like in its glory days and all the brutality that happened in the arena and all the discussions that were held in the Forum. 

I loved wandering through the streets around the Spanish Steps, looking at all the high end fashion stores, getting macarons from Laduree and eating traditional Italian spaghetti at Ginger Cafe. Then heading back towards the Trevi to get raspberry and pomegranate gelato from Giolitti, the oldest and best gelato parlour in Rome. 

The great thing about food in Rome is you don't have to go to the best, most expensive restaurant in the City to get amazing pasta, pizza or gelato. The more expensive places may serve a better meal, but the Italians have perfected their dishes and the ones you get at more affordable places are still pretty unbelievably delicious. 

Rome is a city to be enjoyed. Eat their food, absorb their culture, learn their history, laugh at their tiny cars and admire their beautiful buildings. It's hard to not fall in love with this city, so don't fight it. Just let it happen. 
Love, Rach 

Vatican City

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Best Valentines Day Hair and Makeup Tutorials! x

Hey girlies! Who's getting excited for Valentines Day? I don't have a boyfriend so it's kinda just another day for me, buuut i do love looking at all the V-day beauty tutorials on youtube. I love seeing all the looks different people create and trying them out myself for fun, let be real, who doesn't secretly love to do this shit for fun. Lot's of these looks can also be worn for different occasions, some as they are and others you can always tone down or up. Anyway I searched the internet and found my favourite five V-Day hair and makeup looks for you! 

1. Lauren Curtis 

This Australian Babe created a soft, flirty look that would be perfect for a day time date but can also be worn at night. It's simple, girly and romantic and not over done. 

2. Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is one of my beauty faves and in her GRWM vid she created a simple, glowy look and shows you how to turn your hair into messy waves. Overall it's a beautiful yet perfectly understated look, also she only uses one eyeshadow! 

3. Carli Bybel

This babe shows you how to do two makeup looks. One is kinda flirty, kinda glam and the other is like late night romantic if you know what I mean. Like a little sexy but not slutty. 

4. Vivian V

Vivian's GRWM video has everything you want, some rad outfit insp, a killer hair tutorial and a romantic autumnal valentines day look. 

5. ItsMandarin 

This babe shows you how to do a simple, natural look with lots of highlight, and big voluminous curls! What's not to love about that? 

If you can't tell I love the more natural looks with a hint of glam for V-Day, what about you? Whats your favourite styles? I know I'd take a pink lip over a red one any day! 
Love, Rach xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

4 Little Reminders To Make You Feel Better About Your Blog

In todays day and age everything tends to be about numbers. A lot of importance is placed on the number of likes, followers, subscribers, comments and views you have and this has become the way in which we measure success for blogs or youtube channels among others. You, like me may have a very small blog and might find the small numbers discouraging.You might wonder why you bother to blog at all if not many people are reading your posts or commenting on them. This thing is, numbers don't have to be the thing that defines your blogs success. Here are a few little things you can remind or ask yourself she the numbers get discouraging and you need another way to view you blog.

Why did you create your Blog? 

I don't know about you but I didn't create my blog for the sole purpose of getting attention. I created my blog as away for me to keep writing and a place for me to be creative during my gap years. Sure it's great when a post gets lots of attention, but that isn't  the driving factor behind my blog. Reminding myself of this always boosts my motivation and honestly makes me feel happier about my blog. 

Every number is actually a person! 

What? Crazy, I know! But it's true, every number represents a person and they might not write a comment but that doesn't mean your post didn't affect that person. For all you know, what you wrote may have been exactly what they wanted or needed to hear, or maybe they just really enjoyed it. I know I've read lots of posts that I enjoyed or found useful and I didn't leave a comment. So for me, even if a post of mine only reaches one person than that's still pretty cool. A couple of months go I did a post on awareness for modern day slavery and I only got one comment. But that still made me really excited because that one person said she was going to look into it more. If my post only bought awareness to one person, than that's pretty amazing! 

Is blogging still fun?

Blogging may not be your passion, hell you might not even love it. But do you enjoy it? Or has belonging become a chore? If it has become a chore, is there a way you can make it fun again? And if you still enjoy it, remind yourself of all the little reasons why. It's crazy how much a positive outlook can change and the excitement it can bring. Being positive is a choice and focusing on the things that make blogging fun will only grow your appreciating for blogging and for your own little blog. 

Your not the only small blog!

Do you generally read only really successful blogs with thousands of followers who get dozens of comments on the reg? Well stop it. I don't mean stop reading those blogs. They obviously have great content and the people or person behind it probably worked ridiculously hard to get where they are. But what I'm staying is, broaden your blogosphere. Find smaller blogs who you can encourage and who can encourage you in return. Give your fellow struggling bloggers the support you would like in return. Plus it's always oddly satisfying to remember that not every blog has thousands of followers. Remember, everyone has a starting point and that's okay. 

Hope this post has helped you, I had loads of fun writing it! If you have any questions about me or my blog, leave a comment below and I will reply asap! 
Love, Rach xx

Friday, 5 February 2016

A very French Riviera Holiday

Nice has to be my favourite place in France with it's incredibly beautiful coastline and relaxed vibes. Like seriously I spent half of my time here imagining what it would be like to live along the French Riviera with its beautiful old buildings, clear blue water, cobbled streets and breathtaking sunsets. With Monaco only a short bus ride away, Nice is the perfect mix between relaxed and exciting. You can spend one day sunning at the beach in Monte Carlo and the next exploring Nice's Old Town. I think this is the one place in France where I feel like I didn't spend enough time and I really, really want to go back... 
Love, Rach xx