Sunday, 6 December 2015

➳ Rad Gift Ideas for Her (under $50!) | Blogmas Day 6

I think it's impossible to do Blogmas without at least one Gift Idea Post, and thats what I'm doing today. These gift ideas are for your friends, sister, girlfriend or that girl you don't really know but you got her in Secret Santa and now you have to buy her a gift. This post is in collaboration with Julie from Cuteiinstagram and she's doing a post on gift ideas for your mum, so be sure to check her post out after this, and if you came here from her post, welcome!
All these gifts are under $50.00 and can be purchased online.
Let's get into it! xx

Ecoya Sweet Fruits and Pink Champagne |
$39.95 for a big one or $19.95 for a small one.
Whenever I see this candle in shops I just have to smell it. It's sweet and fruity but not overwhelming and everything from the packaging to the candle itself it beautiful and christmassy. It also has a scent in Fresh Pine Needles, which is also quite a nice scent. I personally prefer the more floral scents but the pine candle smells fresh and homey. 
You can get them here

Too Faced Le Petit Tresor from Mecca | $43
I think these lipsticks are super cute and the shades are really practical. I would wear these all the time as they would go with so many different looks for different occasions. Also you get a cute bag! The shades that are included are Nude Beach, Taffy, Wham!
You can get it here 

Forever New Misty Set of 3 Body Spray's | $24.99
I love little gifts like these, they're just so damn handy. I ALWAYS forget to put on perfume before I leave the house and these are great for that cause they fit perfectly in your handbag. The scents are Mixed Berry, Grapefruit and Vanilla, I particularly like grapefruit, but the other scents makes this gift awesome, especially if you don't know what scents your friend likes. Also they're pretty.
You can get them here

Kikki K 365 Days Peach: Be Brave | $29.95
With 2016 fast approaching I'm sure we can all think of one friend who will be wanting a diary for next year. If not I'm sure we all have one friend who desperately needs a diary next year, even if they won't admit it haha. This one from Kikki K is so pretty and simple and the perfect size for a handbag. It also comes in a beautiful blue colour with the same gold lettering. 
You can get it here

Sportsgirl Top it up Pineapple | $29.95
I don't know about you but my friends are always complaining about their phones running low on battery. One of these super cute portable chargers will allow them to keep scrolling through insta, snap chatting and checking Facebook to their hearts content throughout the day without the worry of a dead phone. The pineapple is also ideal. 
You can get it here

Happy Shopping!

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