Friday, 11 December 2015

More Easy Christmas Hearts! ♥︎ | Blogmas Day 12!!!

Okay, so remember like a week ago I showed you how to make christmassy hearts? Well I got creative and made dark choc and milk chic versions for all the white chocolate haters. Then I saw a pic of cake pops and thought, omg these would look amazing on skewers! Just imagine these on a dessert table at a party, wouldn't they look adorable? 
Anyway so for the dark choc ones I put blueberries and sliced almonds in the middle.
And for the milk chocolate ones i filled them with red currents, but you can put in them whatever tickles your fancy! Then after like half an hour I took them out of the freezer, they were soft, but still hard enough to hold their shape. I then skewered them, but don't put the skewer too far in cause they tend to start to break. Then put them back in the freezer, or eat them then hah.
I think raspberries would be amaze in like the milk chocolate ones, raspberry and chocolate is such a perfect combo, like I think only Nutella and strawberries can beat it! 
Hope this post inspired you a little, I had loads of fun making and sharing these with you! 
Love ya! xx 

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