Wednesday, 16 December 2015

First Swim Of The Summer

There’s nothing quite like the first swim of the summer, the excitement that it’s finally getting hot, the anticipation of what’s to come during summer and the slight feeling of apprehension at jumping into cold water.
Today I had my first swim of the summer. I went up to the local dam and after a few minutes of sunning up, we headed over to the jetty. 
Even though the day was like 27 degrees when we got to the end of the jetty I was that maybe this was a bad idea. But it was my bad idea, so before anyone else could talk me out of it I jumped.The water was cold, but surprisingly pleasant and after a lot of goading and encouragement I was joined by my friends. The rest of the afternoon was filled with tanning, swimming and great banter. Not such a bad idea after all. 

This is what I love the most about  summer. During the year everyone is so busy that it gets hard to hang out with your friends and just do something fun like go swimming and just chill. I love sneaking in a swim after work, having an impromptu bbq or going jet skiing. 
I don’t know if summer is my favourite season, but it’s defiantly my favourite time of the year, and now that I’ve had that first swim, I feel like it has finally begun. 

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