Monday, 30 November 2015

Renaming my Blog ✖️

Hey lovelies! So ever since I started my blog back at the beginning of 2014 I didn't really think things through. Most people spend months developing their blogs, creating content and working on what they want their blog's identity to be before they put it online. Well little naive me didn't really think about that. In one day i decided to create a blog and by that night I had it online. That meant I didn't really think through what I wanted my blog title to be and I ended up calling my blog An O'Neill Opinion, a title I wasn't overly thrilled about. Anyway I have decided to rename my blog to just Rachael O'Neill, I mean what says more about me than my name? 
Also Blogmas starts tomorrow!!! WHOOO! Who else is feeling excited about it? I defiantly am. 
SO get ready for a post tomorrow and the next day and the, WELL, you get the picture. 
See you tomorrow! xx 

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