Monday, 23 November 2015

A day in Annecy

My first thought when I saw the pristine Lake Annecy was 'how is this place even real?'
In case you don't know Annecy is located up on the mountains near the French/Swiss border and everything is so picturesque it's insane. I love London and Paris, but this town was such a nice change from the big cities. The air was fresh and the streets were quite, it was beautiful and didn't feel very touristy. The old town looked like it hadn't changed much in the last two hundred years and the cobbled streets were so much fun to explore.
Unfortunately we only had one night here and I had come down with the flu so I wasn't up for too much exploring, but Sarah and I hired one of the paddle boats and spent some of the afternoon paddling around the crystal clear lake. I was so happy to visit this little town as it had been on my travel bucket list for over a year and it was even more breathtaking in person. All the pinterest stalking in the world can never quite prepare you for the natural beauty of Lake Annecy and its little town xx

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