Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Little Black Dress To Save The Day ✖️

Laura V-Neck Lace Wrap Dress - Forever New 

Hey everyone! Whose started back at work or school? I finally got round to enrolling in uni and it was ridiculously confusing. Hopefully my study won't be as confusing as the website hah!

So one of my BFF's, Georgia, got married in Hobart this week and the wedding was so exciting, cute and relaxed. The ceremony took place on a beach and the reception was at a nearby beachfront restaurant, and it was such a good day, Georgia looked AH-mazing! (DUH) 

Squad pic with the bride. I blame the wind for my bad hair hah!
So up top is the dress I wore to the wedding, but it wasn't my original dress, cause like an hour and a half before the ceremony was to begin, I may have accidentally broken my dress + gotten bright pink lipstick on it and I didn't have a back up. So yeah. That Happened. 
Anyway my bro drove me into town and I got this dress from Forever New. I had actually tried it on the week before for fun, so I knew it suited me, plus it went with my shoes (gotta love black heels!). I think I would've cried (again) if they didn't have my size... lol! 
But they did and literally everything else went perfectly! Seriously though, it was such a good day. 

Ye Old Pier
For the rest of the week I've been chilling at the beach, the weather has been insanely good. I've been filling my days with bike riding, kayaking, swimming and jumping off jetty's. Oh, and eating frosty fruits, lots and lots of frosty fruits (they're an icy pole BTW or an ice lolly if you're weird). They kinda taste like frozen orange and passionfruit J2O's if your from England and they are amazing and defiantly not sugar free ha! 

Chuck Tailor All Star Dainty Ox Leather - The Iconic

I also received these Connies in the mail this week and I'm in love with them, so, yeah...
Anyways, hope you are all enjoying the summer or winter months, wherever you are.  
Any of you have crazy wedding stories? Let me know! 
Cya round (though not literally, probably) xx

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