Friday, 15 January 2016

5 Ways to De-Stress During Work

Hey guys, so today I want to talk about stress. I had a pretty stressful day at work earlier this week and I don't know about you but while it's happening, I can normally manage the situation. I just focus on what needs to be done and don't really let myself feel the stress until after. I am a waitress in a cafe and so normally when I get stressed at work it's cause it's super busy and we're understaffed, or something has broken down, or it's just really really busy.
Anyway, after it has calmed down, that's when I normally start to feel it. All the stress from the last two hours hits me and I just feel exhausted and emotionally drained. Anyone else do this?
Well here is how I recover so I can get back into it for the rest of the day.

Drink Some Water
Drinking water always helps calm me down, especially when I've forgotten to drink something for the last two hours because I've been to focused on work. Drinking water helps you relax and often clears the mind and obviously rehydrates you. You might feel thirsty, but you probably are. So drink some water and try to remember to keep drinking for the rest of the day.

Eat Something 
I rarely feel hungry at work until it's like 3pm and suddenly I'm starving and I realise I haven't had anything to eat since 8am. You feel me? Anyway, we all know food gives us energy and when your stressed you can use all the energy you can get. Even if you only have time to eat a piece of fruit or some nuts, it will help you feel more focused and less like you want to crawl into bed and sleep for a year.

Walk Around
This one is more for people in office jobs. I have worked in a reception and I know it can start to feel very confining sitting at a desk. Instead of emailing or calling the person two offices away, get up and go talk to them, or go and fill up your drink bottle even though it's only half empty. Just find some excuse to get out of you little zone, stretch your legs and clear you head. One of my teachers used to tell us to wiggle our toes during exams to increase circulation to help us think better. So if you can't leave your desks at least wiggle your toes.

Go Outside
Getting fresh air is so good. Like there's a reason the dramatic girls in movies always say, "I need some fresh air" halfway through a confronting conversation. That shit helps you think. I'm currently writing this outside, cause there are always so many distractions inside. Like at work there's always customers, or phones or emails, coffees to make. If you can take a minute to go outside, do it. I always volunteer to do jobs that will take me outside at work, like clearing/cleaning outdoor tables, watering the plants or something along those lines. Being in the fresh air makes always make me happier and replaces the stress.

Ask For Help + Accept it
If shit is getting hectic, ask for help or accept it when people offer it. I know you might want to do everything yourself, or you don't want to trouble people by asking for their help, but get over yourself and be humble. You will be happier for it later. Also be grateful for it and toward the people helping, positive emotions will help you feel less shitty.

Hope some of this helped you, I know doing these things always help me when I'm feeling stressed. Anyone have any de-stress tips, cause I'd love to hear them! 
Love Rach xx

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