Saturday, 1 August 2015

Bath Shopping Haul ♥

As you know the other week I went to Bath and I couldn't resist hitting the shops. 

The candle and book are from Anthropology and I love the candle so much. It has a really nice flowery smell and the exterior is a bit like an alabaster shell the way the colours change in the light. 
The book is Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart and is about how different foods effect our skin, I'm quite interested in skin care and thought it would be an interesting read. I haven't started it yet but one I do i'll let you all know what it's like.

 The phone cover and headphones are from Topshop. I really love the look of the clear case with a gold pattern, I did have the same but with pineapples but thought it was about time to update to flamingos. I also just had to get the earphones cause they're just so pretty and comfy.

I got the necklaces from H&M and I'd been eyeing them off for a while, I have a rose gold Fossil watch and I really wanted a necklace to go with it and these were so cheap, just a couple of quid.

If you have any shop/website suggestions you think I should check out let me know in the comments! xx

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