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Infernal Devices Review

Very rarely am I satisfied by the ending of a book/book series and unfortunately the ending of The Infernal Device's series by Cassandra Clare was not one of those rare occasions. I have already done a post on the first book in the trilogy, Clockwork Angel (which you can read here), but I thought that instead of doing two more individual posts I would combine them into one about the series as a whole.

Now whilst I was disappointed by the ending of the series it is not one that I regret reading. All the books had great moments and chapters, particularly when the character Will Herondale was involved.

The dialogue in general was realistic, amusing and not too long (except for when it was a romantic scene, then it went forever!). But one of the things that irritated me personally throughout the books was the focus on relationships. I also felt as though not much happened in Clockwork Prince.
Don't get me wrong I love reading about the relationships in books and how the develop, but I felt like throughout the series the plot was often forgotten and it was all about who was going to end up with who.
It was a bit like there were 70 pages of relationship development then Cassandra would be like;
"Oh shit! I forgot about the story, lets add in a thirty page scene about the actual plot including a fight where someone nearly dies, so I can make the relationships more complicated."

But those thirty pages were always very interesting and well written. I particularly liked the worm scene at the beginning of Clockwork Princess.
Overall I would give this series 3.5 out of 5.

Okay so the rest of my review contains spoilers.

The Will-Tessa-Jem love triangle. What can I say? It was painful.
Now I enjoyed the other romantic story lines such as Sophie-Gideon, Cecily-Gabriel and even the Charlotte-Henry story. But Will, Tessa and Jem... Yeah I wasn't feeling it.
It was just so ridiculous. Let me sum it up for you from the beginning to the end.

Tessa meets everyone. Tessa likes Will and he likes her back. They make-out. Will is horrible to Tessa because he doesn't want her to love him because he believes she will die. Tessa makes-out with Jem. Tessa kisses Will again. Tessa kisses Jem again and he proposes. Will finds out that people don't actually die when they love him. Will tells Tessa he loves her. Tessa tells Will she is engaged and in love with Jem (this is a suprise to Will because apparently parabatai don't talk about the girls they are in love with.) Jem dies. Will and Tessa immediately sleep together after finding out. Jem isn't dead, but a silent brother who can't marry. Tessa marries Will. They have children together. Will dies of old age, but Tessa doesn't because she's immortal. Jem is no longer a silent brother. Jem and Tessa hook up.

It seems to me as though Tessa chooses which ever guy is currently available and this really annoys me. She just CAN'T end up with both! Just no.
This is obviously a major reason as to why I don't like the ending. But the other major reason is that Mortmain dies and then there is still like 150 pages left!!! This was a particularly bad surprise as I was reading this on my ipad and was disappointed when I saw that there was a ton of pages still left and I just wanted the book to be over.

I'm starting to sound awfully negative about the book, but those two things really did disappoint me and kind of ruin it.
I did find it hilarious how Will kept callincg the Lightwoods the 'Lightworms.' It was always so funny and satisfying. I also really liked how Will was crazy over-protective of Cecily, who turned out to be a complete badass.
I think Cassandra Clare does really well at small details and small character traits/habits, but often gets carried away with her fanfic instincts on the major plots.
Thanks for reading! xx

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