Thursday, 3 April 2014

5 Reasons Why Eyeliner Sucks

I know that all eyeliner wants to do is make our eyes look pretty and for that reason I love it. But I have to admit that out of all my beauty products I find eyeliner the most frustrating to apply.
So here are 5 Reasons Why Eyeliner Sucks.

1. Difficult Application
It's hard to apply. (Need I elaborate?)

2. Ambidextrous Abilities Required
With the exception of pencil eyeliner, I often find that I have to use both hands (not at the same time) to get the eyeliner on my face in the spot that I want it.

3. Double the Trouble
Due to the fact that I have two eyes, not only do I have to apply the eyeliner neatly, but I have to manage to do it twice. And make it look the same. Apparently lopsided eyes is a look that is best to be avoided.

4. No Mistakes Allowed
Although it's relatively easy to remove an eyeliner mistake, it also removes part of my other make up, primarily eye-shadow. This sucks.

5. Time Consuming
By the time I've completed all the steps to applying eyeliner perfectly, I'm most likely already late.

Maybe I should just watch some tutorials. Yeah. I think I'll go do that. xx

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