Friday, 22 May 2015

Brighton ➳

After working seven days straight, two days at the beach was exactly what I needed. So on Tuesday morning my friend Shasara and I grabbed our bags and caught the bus to Brighton. Although the Brighton beach isn't the type that I'm used to (my beaches generally come with sand instead of pebbles), it was still relaxing listening to the waves, smelling the salt and just being surrounded by the beauty of the sea. 
I loved wandering through the Laines, walking along the promenade and going on rides at the Brighton Pier. There was something so exciting about being on the pinnacle of a roller coaster and all you can see is an endless expand of ocean below you. 
Brighton is a place that I already want to visit again. I didn't see very much of it as we kept to the waterfront area, but thats just all the more reason to come back. 

➳     ➳     ➳

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