Monday, 1 September 2014

Percy Jackson's Greek Gods

While I was getting lost in the expensive labyrinth that is Harrods, I somehow managed to stumble upon Percy Jackson's Greek Gods. Keep in mind this was ten days before the release date. I immediately picked up a copy and went straight to the nearest cash register. I was so excited that I walked straight past a goldmine of Harry Potter merchandise without even noticing it until after Rick Riordan's latest book was safely in my possession.

I hope that gave some idea of the level of my excitement for this book and thankfully it didn't disappoint. I rate this book 5/5 stars and it deserves every star.

I know some people who've read the Percy Jackson series might be reluctant to read this as it's about Greek mythology not Percy adventures, but don't be put off this book is both interesting and hilarious.

When I imagine Rick Riordan writing this book I picture him writing the basic myths then going "you know what? I'm gonna add ALL the sass."
Seriously though, this book is still written by the POV of Percy and he is the one who is retelling the myths and he is so hilariously honest about his godly relatives and the ridiculously stupid and selfish things they did. It's fantastic!
I studied Ancient Greece in school last year and we did a whole term on myths and legends, so I was quite familiar with most of the myths, but the whole time I was reading it I was wishing this book came out a year and a half earlier. It would've been so useful! It gives a great recount of various myths, but unlike most 'informative' websites the stories are clear and entertaining. That being said I don't think it would be the best book to reference in my assignments. For some reason I don't think 'the promise of delicious cookies' would be accepted as a reason for the Titans turning on Ouranos by my teacher.

Another awesome thing about Percy Jackson's Greek Gods is that the brilliant chapter titles are back from Percy Jackson and the Olympians. My personal favourite titles are 'The Beginning and Stuff', 'Persephone Marries her Stalker, or, Demeter the Sequel' and 'Hephaestus makes me a golden  llama (not really but he totally should)'.
Seriously though, Rick Riordan makes learning fun.

One thing I was disappointed with was that I brought the British edition which doesn't come with illustrations and an uglier cover. This cover features a Logan (movie Percy) Lerman wanna be, some lightning, statues of Poseidon and Athena and the caption 'half boy, half god, all hero,' on the cover. Yeah. That happened.
But it's okay. I have ordered the other edition online.
The book also came with a sneak peek of The Heroes of Olympus which comes out on the 7th of October and I'm SO flipping excited for it!

For real though, if you're still reading this you should just stop and go and buy this book.
Bye! xx

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