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For those of you who are wondering what TFIOS is, it's the abbreviated name of John Green's book The Fault in our Stars, which can be a mouthful to say let alone type. But despite the long name the book is absolutely amazing.
TFIOS was released in January 2012, and yet it took me until September/October 2013 to work up the courage (and find the time in my busy reading schedule) to read it, despite the 20 or so recommendations I had been given.
I'm happy to say that TFIOS did not disappoint and surpassed my expectations. The book was witty, clever, thought-provoking, emotional and endearing. 
Now you may be wondering why I'm writing about it now if I read it about 4 months ago. Well. A few days ago the TFIOS film trailer was released and I thought I would talk about that. 

I was discussing this trailer with one of my friends the other day and I said "I'm the trailer doesn't give away any of the plot" to which she replied, "at first I thought it summed up the whole book, then I realized it didn't at all." 
Curious to see why she thought it summed up the whole book I re-watched the trailer and immediately understood what she meant. 
In TFIOS there are several different plot lines, just like any good book should have. There's the whole 'Hazel isn't going to live' plot line, then the 'Hazel and Gus' side of the book. But there is a third and more significant part of the book 'The Imperial Affliction' that the trailer didn't touch on at all. 
The trailer focuses on the 'Hazel and Gus' plot line and a bit of the 'Hazel isn't going to live' part. In the trailer we know Hazel is scared to be in a relationship with Gus, we watch Gus say "I love you" and the two of them being super cute. We know that Hazel goes to the Hospital at least once, but really it doesn't tell us much. (thankfully)
Earlier I said that the third plot line is the most significant. If you've read the book you may know why I say that or you may not, but let me explain (without me going into spoilers or details). The third plot line sets the reader up for the ending. Because of this we understand why the book ends as it does and we're okay with that (well at least I was). This is the part of the movie I am most excited to see and the most nervous, for it has to be done well. It's what makes the story more than just two teens who fall in love, despite Hazel's limited life. 'The Imperial Affliction' plot drives the story and I'm glad there was absolutely no mention of it in the first trailer.
Overall I was very impressed with the trailer and I cannot wait for June when it is released.  If you haven't read the book then I highly recommend it, or if you don't like reading for some reason, then you should at least watch the movie. 
Let me know in the comments what you thought of the trailer and if you're exited about the film.

Oh and no I didn't cry when reading it. My eyes were stinging but I did not cry. 

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